2018 May / Yoga & Pilates Retreat / Alekos Beach Houses with MST

We are pleased to announce that the MST personal & group training, in cooperation with Alekos Beach Houses in Kefalonia, organizes a magic Retreat Yoga & Pilates for the 3-day Holy Spirit.
Come with us in the green and very special island of the Ionian Sea and in the magnificent location of the Lepedes, just outside Lixouri where we are going to enjoy 4 days of exercise and relaxation, along with local flavors, from pure local ingredients.

The lodgings are located 2 km from Lixouri and are fully equipped houses of 4-8 persons, which have a "private" sandy beach, where, besides swimming, we can enjoy exercise, relaxation and meditation in a perfectly natural and relaxing environment, next to the sea, barefoot and isolated and remember holidays of other times ...

Daily Schedule
09: 00-10.00 Buffet breakfast
10.30-11.00 Guided morning meditation
11.00-12.00 Yoga
12.00-17.00 Leisure time, cycling, boating-visit to inaccessible beaches and walk to the nearby non-habitable island of Vardiani, visiting Argostoli, paragliding, scuba diving or other forms of exercise
17.00 - 18.00 Pilates / Yoga
18.00 - 18.30 Yogic Sleep
19.00 - 20.00 Dinner
20.30 - 23.30 Evening walk in Lixouri or Argostoli for ice cream, sweet or drink
Our favorite Marilena will lead us to 2 lessons of 90 minutes a day. Yoga in the morning and Yoga or Pilates in the afternoon, for muscle strengthening and torso control.
A form of Yoga that will provide a different path for exploration. By following a breathing rate, we will maintain the balance between strength and flexibility. The spirit (BRAHMAN) and our soul (ATMAN) will join together, and our body will be plastically rocked. Yoga improves our breathing while developing the skills of synchronization, the propriety of consciousness, and the ability of strength and flexibility.
Each lesson will have different challenges as it comes under our teacher's free design, depending on her creative expression and personal style. The structure of the course will be such that, until the day of return we have allowed ourselves to get a taste of the enchanting way of yoga.

There will be daily morning-guided meditation, as well as a guided yogic sleep, able to initiate us in the darkest and most impassable paths of our soul. With regard to the Pilates course, emphasis will be placed on the correct support of the spine, the strengthening of the muscles and the control of the body, which is also the basis of the method !!!
For those who are interested, there will be a possibility for other forms of training, discussion and participation (cross training, calisthenics, animal movement, functional training, alternative therapies such as athletic massage or reiki).
EAT | Every day a homemade, delicious and nutritious breakfast will be served, and late afternoon after afternoon Yoga or Pilates and before sunset, dinner.
4 dinners, 2 barbeques with fish or meats, and 2 dinners with cooked food, island specialties, with fresh and inspired salads. All made with love and local materials.
The breakfast will include organic honey, homemade jams, eggs from native free-range hens, whole bread and homemade bakery. A wide variety of teas, filter coffee, seasonal fruits, yogurt, cereals, fresh orange juice, the well-known and unsurpassed Kefalonia slice and toast materials.
The whole event provides vegetarian & vegan nutrition support.
RETREAT | There will be plenty of opportunities to explore the wider area by bike, or by participating for a private boat trip of 6 people. You will be able to relax on the beach of the hotel and its comfortable sun loungers or go by the boat that runs the Lixouri - Argostoli routes and get to know the capital of the island.
Finally, the more adventurous you can participate, try paragliding in Myrtos or scuba diving in cooperation with the Pirate Divers Club.
Departure Friday, May 25, 2018, by coach from Maroussi at 15.30 to take the ferry from Killini at 19.00 and return on Tuesday 29 May 2018, open at the return time and in consultation with the participants.
Statements of participation to Mrs Marilena Schizodemou 6948 081 336
Participation costs
For MST members: the cost will depend on the number of participants and will be announced to the school
Free participation: Renting a house from the Alekos Beach Houses platform includes participation in the program for all house visitors, excluding meals (breakfast & dinner) and transport
Free participation (without accommodation, meals and transportation) 12 € per course or 60 € all courses for all 3 days


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