Pirate Divers Club is based on the opposite side of the gulf, regarding Alekos Beach Houses location. The owner and instructor, Yorgos, is a very warm and friendly person who sees very differently this activity. His point of view is given below by him directly.

Pirate Divers Club in Kefalonia, Greece considers diving an activity that goes beyond the time a diver spends underwater. Diving is an activity that can be enjoyed months before and after a dive. Our memories and recollections of dives are always surrounded by feelings of places we traveled, people we met, what we saw underwater, whether there was a wreck, cavern, wall, reef, coral, flora and faunal, weather and sea conditions, smells, dive gear, and many other details that automatically “load” into our minds when reflecting back. For any diver, a glance at their dive logbook will most likely bring back endless memories. Diving is not just a sport. Diving is an experience that will open many horizons whether professional or personal development and self-awareness.

The diving community is very welcoming and there’s an instant bond between divers as they share their experiences from this magical world. We can see how strong are the family-bonds are in families that dive together. Diving promotes education and also it intrigues the curiosity and the need to learn to better understand what we experience underwater. The majority of the scientists that are in related fields such as Oceanography, Marine Biology, Maritime Archaeology, Geology, Marine Biochemistry to name a few, began diving from a very young age.

Right on the next beach, 400 meters on foot away, you will find a sailing club. It is excellent equipped with all kind of light sailing boats (optemis, laser, catamaran), stand up paddling, wind surfs and a great team of English spoken instructors.

The prices are very reasonable and you can get offers for using the gear from three hours up to a week.

On Xi beach you will find Water Sports and a Sea Floating Park.

Xi beach with Megas Lakos beach are joined and create the longest sandy beach on the island. All ages will be satisfied here with the variety of activities and sports that can be offered.

You will find here from Jet Skis and water ski lessons to a big variety of flammable equipment and from canoe excursions up to a Sea Floating Park.

All these can be enjoyed laying on the organized beach bars accompanied with a cold drink or having a snack.

The distance from Alekos Beach Houses is 6km.

When people ask "why ride", I respond that riding is a hobby that calms you while at the same time helping you exercise.

Studies equate 40 minutes of riding to 90 minutes of jogging.

So visit our stables and enjoy the calm character of our horses and the beauty of our island.

On the way to Kounopetra beach, near Havriata village, in the premises of Ionian Sea Hotel, you will find an Aqua Park for our young fellows and for whoever feels young to enjoy the feeling to slide on the water. You can have fun at the 5 spectacular waterslides (1 family, 2 open, 2 closed) from 10:00am to 18:00pm. At the Bar “Captain Hook” you can enjoy coffees, cocktails, fresh juices, ice-creams and a variety of snacks.

The distance from Alekos Beach Houses is 6 km.

The ticket costs is 5€ per person.

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